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Please click on the “store” tab to view my instantly downloadable embroidery files.

First and foremost- if you contact me, please be nice!  I am a human being and I am most helpful to those that are kind to me.  Also, please remember that the issue you are having is not my fault 99.8% of the time.  But, I am always happy to help!


I can’t extract the files from the zip files using Windows 10 (aka: The Thorn in Heather Sue’s Side).

Several people have had this issue with Windows 10, but most do not. This is an issue with your settings in Windows 10 or with the Microsoft Edge browser. My files are .zip files.  If the files are downloading as _zip files, .zip_ or any other file type, this is an error with your computer. If you are right clicking on the zip file and then clicking on “extract” and getting an error message, or your  computer tries to open the files with Adobe (or some other program that won’t open zip files) this is also an issue with your computer.  You can try using a browser other than Microsoft Edge to download the files.  Or, you can try using a computer without Windows 10 to download the files.  Another possible solution is to right click on the zip file, click “properties” and then click the box next to “unblock”.  If these solutions aren’t viable,  you will need to contact tech support in your area to help you change your settings to be able to open zip files correctly with Windows 10.   I will not be able to offer technical support for Windows 10 as I am a digitizer, not a computer programmer.

Do you take requests?

I do take requests on occasion.  My facebook fan page will often keep you updated as to whether I am taking requests or not.  I receive many, many, many requests per day.  So, I can’t possibly do most of them.  I do not always have time to answer all requests, so please do not be offended if you don’t receive an answer to your request right away.

Why did you start digitizing these designs?

I started digitizing because I was frustrated by the amount of color changes and unnecessary detail that some designs have. So, I make every effort to avoid unnecessary steps and extra pieces in my designs. Each design is test stitched before I put it up for sale.

What can I do with the files I bought?

I digitize my own embroidery designs and all embroidery designs are the property of heathersue. Please do not resell, share or trade my designs. You may stitch and sell any finished projects that include my designs.  Even if you do not have an embroidery machine, you may not send my files to someone else to be stitched for you.  Please have the person stitching them out buy the files.

How do I make an Account on your site so I can re-download files?

To create an account please follow the step-by-step guide on How to Setup an Account.  If you do not set up an account before you purchase, and make sure that you are signed in when you make a purchase, you will not be able to re-download your files.  I can not manually add files to your account, but I wish I could!

Will these files work with my machine?

You will receive this design in all the following file types: DST, EXP, HUS, JEF, PES,VIP, VP3,and XXX. I do not offer any other file types. But, I can point you in the direction of some free file conversion programs if you’d like.

Please note that the designs themselves will be smaller than the hoop size, but they will fill up as much of the hoop as possible.

Can I use your pictures to advertise on my page/website?

You may NOT use any of my photos. My tester photos belong to my testers and they sell their items. So, if you are using my pictures, please remove them!   Also, using my photos encourages other digitizers to copy my original artwork as they can’t be sure where the design came from.  If you have any other questions, please ask!

Can I download the design and then ask for a refund?

There are NO REFUNDS on digital files. If there is a problem with the design, please let me know and I will do my best to fix the problem.

I demand a refund!  There was no coupon code box!

There is definitely a handy dandy coupon code box!  It is right at the bottom of the shopping bag, BEFORE you pay through paypal.  Due to the large number of times this has happened recently, I will no longer be able to offer a refund if you forgot to use the coupon code, or if you didn’t find the coupon code box before you paid for your order  (I have to pay income taxes on the full amount before the refund).

What if I just realized my machine doesn’t accept any of the plethora of file types you so graciously created?

Please be sure that you have the proper software and hardware necessary to get these designs on to your machine and stitched out.  I can not offer ART format.

Can you stitch them out for me?

No, all designs are sold as digital files, no physical item will be sent. If you are in need of a physical patch please consult with my sister at Princess Heirlooms.

Can I share these files with closest “friends”?

Files are for use by the purchaser only. Do not share or sell the files you receive.

I have the machine, I have the designs.  Now what?

Here is a great machine applique tutorial! Just skip to 6:30 to get to the machine applique portion:
DIY DISH Applique tutorial

The tack down stitches and the satin stitches don’t line up.  Does my machine hate me?

I test each design to be sure that they are free from defects like this.  So, if this problem occurs, it is most likely because the correct stabilizer was not used for the project.

It could also be because you are using a Singer Futura machine.  These machines are notorious for getting “off track” when you remove the hoop to trim around your fabric.  I do not have one of these machines, but here is a tip from someone who does ” I found what works for me is when I put the hoop on I have to push against it on the right side so the hoop is all the way against the top screw. I tighten the top screw and then push against it again then tighten the bottom screw. I found that if I do this my hoop is always in the same place. When I do not do this my pattern may be off.”

My machine/computer won’t read the files I have downloaded.  Have I been swindled?

Definitely not!  Sometimes files will become corrupted after they are downloaded.  When this happens, your computer will keep reading it as the corrupted file, even if you download it again.  If you rename the file before it is saved onto your computer it will fix the problem.  Renaming after the file is downloaded will not help, nor will downloading the file again.  It must be renamed before it is saved to your computer.

A second possible problem could be that your hoop size is smaller than the design you are using.  For instance, Brother machines have 4×4 hoops that are smaller than 4?x4?.  Most are 3.9?, while some are even smaller at 3.85?.  So, you will need to resize the design just a teeny tiny bit to get it to fit your hoop.  A great free program for doing this is Sew What Pro.  It is free for 30 days or 60 saves. I have never personally used this program, but many of my friends have and love it.  Please remember that if you contact me about this issue, I am not responsible for making sure my designs fit all hoops.  The listings say that they will fit a 4×4 hoop.  Not a 3.85? hoop.  But, I will always help you with any problem if you ask nicely.

I really need help right away.  If I send you an e-mail, message you through facebook, and post on  your facebook wall, it will get your attention faster, right?

No, I see e-mails before I see anything else.  So, please stick with just contacting me by using the contact form.  If you don’t hear from me within 24 hours, then try again.  Messaging me in more than one place just causes me to take more time as I have more messages to read through.  Remember, it’s just me, one person, and I get lots of messages every day.


Thanks for stopping by!

Heather Sue